Voyager African Safaris is a registered ground tours operator Licensed by the Uganda Tourism Board. We pride ourselves in extensive knowledge of the tourism industry; gained over the last decade. The founders are indigenous Ugandans, with the passion for this Pearl of Africa. We love the natural beauty in the countryside and appreciate the colorful and diverse cultures of the Ugandan people. With a firm footing already rooted in the Advertising and Events industry, we conceived this strong desire and drive to showcase Uganda’s amazements to the world leading to the birth of Voyager African Safaris. Our client-partnering approach has equipped us with clear insights into a typical traveller’s needs and desires, which we endeavor to fulfill through seamless logistical coordination – given our background in events management – ensuring that our clients experience authentic and fulfilling safaris on the African soil.

Partner with Voyager African Safaris on your next holiday to Africa; we shall customize unique and memorable tours to Africa’s ‘Must-Visit’ destinations with the highlight being the destination Uganda. We feel confident, excited and proud to give our clients a close up tour of this uniquely endowed and stunning destination Uganda. This endearing Pearl of Africa boasts of the best climate all year round because of its strategic location astride the Equator, right in the heart of Africa. We encourage our clients to take the road and enjoy the beautiful scenery and tranquility in our Customized 4×4 safaris vehicles. Our 100% +1 service policy coupled with the unrivalled hospitality of the Ugandan
people will make your holiday worthwhile.

Corporate Culture
We know each safari is unique so we pay close attention to details; working very closely with our clients in designing unique tours that will carefully blend the client’s core interests, punctuated with highlights of the vibrant and rich cultures of our indigenous people in the destinations explored. Our dedicated team of tour coordinators and ground tour guides with excellent general communications skills and in-depth knowledge of the destinations you are
touring; will ensure total client’s satisfaction. We believe that it is our people who truly make the difference and that difference is passed on to our clients!

Our mission:
To provide authentic, affordable and fulfilling safari experiences in Uganda and the neighboring countries, with a sensitive care of the environment and the cultures of the unique ethnic communities in the destinations explored.

Core Values:
High integrity defines us, plus that we are selfless in giving each client personalized services. We are flexible, trustworthy and honest with our clients; sharing all matters regarding the specific safari right from the time we meet, through the entire safari planning and execution. Together with the client, we tailor make exciting safari package to suit each traveller’s unique interest, budget, timing and situation. And by the time of departure a bond is already created, and a feeling of belonging hatched with the Voyager African Safaris extended family.